About GADI

GADI (Research Development Office) was created in 2011 and depends on the Director of International Relations.

Its goals are to contribute to the development of the research capacity and productivity growth at University Fernando Pessoa, and also to the creation of Research Centers of Excellence.

The Office has the following purposes and services:

  • To provide information on funding opportunities
  • To provide assistance in the preparation and submission of proposals (budgets, forms etc.)
  • To control and manage all documents, as well as deadlines and corresponding results
  • To control financially these processes (in collaboration with the Accounts Department)
  • To manage the research projects portfolios
  • To support the publication of scientific papers in international journals with impact factor
  • To instruct in Intellectual Property Law
  • To disseminate information about activities and research results
  • To develop statistics and indicators to facilitate institutional decisions

Office hours

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
11 am-1 pm 12 pm-1pm 11 am-1 pm 11 am-12 pm
3 pm-5 pm 4 pm-6 pm 5 pm-6 pm 4 pm-6 pm 4 pm-5 pm