Academic Journals

A Obra Nasce Journal

A Obra Nasce: Revista de Arquitetura e Urbanismo (ISSN 1645-8729) is an international academic journal of University Fernando Pessoa with open access and peer review, with the purpose of disseminating scientific articles about architecture and urbanism practice and theory. Each issue of the academic journal is framed by a specific topic of this area of knowledge in order to allow an international comparison of the different practices and methodologies researched by the authors.

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Antropológicas Journal

Antropológicas (ISSN 0873-819X & eISSN 2182-2913) is a journal of University Fernando Pessoa that has in the area of Anthropology and other Social Sciences its own space and defends the interdisciplinary debate. Its goal is to present to the scientific and academic communities an open perspective to all theoretical approaches. The journal is open to original texts in Portuguese, Spanish, English and French.

A Antropológicas is catalogued in Fuente Académica (EBSCO) and in Latindex, and also present in Academic Search Complete (EBSCO), Journals4free, Jurn Directory, New Jour, SHERPA/RoMEO and Ulrich.

Cibertextualidades Journal

Cibertextualidades (ISSN 1646-4435) is a journal of University Fernando Pessoa that publishes articles about electronic and digital textualities; cybertext, cyberdrama, cyberpoetry, cybertheater, cyberliterature, art, science and technology; hypermedia.

The journal can be purchased in paper at UFP Publishing (link).

Cibertextualidades is cataloged in Latindex and is referred in the database of CAPES’ WebQualis (Brazil).