Evaluation of professional satisfaction of health professionals in primary health care

The goal of this project was to explore the degree of satisfaction of the professionals who work in primary health care units, after the changes in the Portuguese organizational system implemented by the reorganization of healthcare centers in the Healthcare Center Group – ACES.

The research related to job satisfaction of health professionals has intensified in recent years. The Portuguese Law of Health (No. 48/90 of August 24th) with amendments introduced by the Law No. 27/2007 of November 8th, related to professional primary health care, mentions that there should be an ongoing evaluation of professional satisfaction level .

In this reagard, a survey was conducted to 246 professional units of primary healthcare at ACES – North. Job satisfaction was assessed using the scales of satisfaction of the Assessment Tool of Professional Satisfaction – IASP. As expected, considering the theories referenced in the study, were obtained significant relationships between job satisfaction and ACES units, having the USF Model B produced more positive results. Were also  observed significant differences in the satisfaction level depending on seniority, career/profession and type of bond.

The results showed an average level of medium satisfaction with some gaps that led to recommendations of intervention and improvement in the field of health promotion and well-being of healthcare professionals.

UFP participants:

Project supported by:

  • ACES Gondomar
  • Fundação Ensino e Cultura Fernando Pessoa