Consortium on Electronic Literature

University Fernando Pessoa, through its Digital Archive “PO.EX’70-80” ‘is part of the network CELL – Consortium on Electronic Literature, an initiative that aims to develop partnerships between organizations, universities and publishers for the purpose of sharing research in the area of electronic literature.

CELL stems from a desire to establish cooperative communication among databases devoted to electronic literature worldwide. In a word, the goal of CELL is interoperability.

The Consortium on Electronic Literature (CELL), besides “PO.EX’70-80“, has the following partners: ebr – Electronic Book Review; ELMCIP – Electronic Literature as a Model of Creativity and Innovation in Practice; Hermeneia – The Literary Studies and Digital Technologies Research Group; I ? E-Poetry; LIKUMED – LIteratur KUnst und neue MEDien; NT2 – The Canadian Directory of Electronic Literatures; University of Western Sydney (Creative Nation); The Electronic Literature Directory (ELO).

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