Local Security Diagnosis

The project aims to characterize the criminal phenomenon and the feeling of insecurity among residents of several parishes of ??the Metropolitan Command of Porto, in its objective component (e.g. indicators on perceptions about crime, victimization, violence, urban disorders, juvenile delinquency, vandalism and incivility) and subjective components (e.g., indicators of concern about crime and of being a crime victim).

This research line includes academic studies and research in collaboration with public and/or private entities (e.g. Public Security Police, Universities).

So far were performed the Local Diagnostics Security (LDS) of the parishes of Sé (Porto) and Santa Marinha (Vila Nova de Gaia).

Ongoing are the DLS of S. Nicolau (Porto) and the University Area of Asprela.

UFP participants:

Other institutions:

  • Metropolitan Command of Porto (Public Security Police)

Project supported by:

  • Fundação Ensino e Cultura Fernando Pessoa