PO.EX’70-80 – Digital Archive for Portuguese Experimental Literature (finished)

PO.EX ’70-80 wants to collect, classify and reproduce in digital formats sound and visual poetry, videopoetry, happening and cyber literature of the 1970’s and 1980’s. Characterized by openness and free access to the resources, this project will contribute to the resumption of preserving the experimental literature heritage.

From a theoretical and critical recognition of several joint mediation processes in contemporary poetry, POEX intends to propose a taxonomy of concepts to allow organizing, understanding and classifying the evident conceptual relationships in experimental poetry.

The digitalization and recreation of several materials will be framed by a set of theoretical texts that will be translated. The creation of a digital platform for dissemination of experimental literature will allow open access to journals, catalogues, theoretical texts and manifestos, author books, personal web pages, bibliographies and interviews with the poets.

UFP participants:

For more information: http://po-ex.net/

Submitting entity:

  • Fundação Ensino e Cultura Fernando Pessoa

Project supported by:

  • Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (reference PTDC/CLE-LLI/098270/2008)