NarTrans2 – Transmedial narratives: new forms of audiovisual fiction, informative communication and performance in the digital age

Goals of the project:

  • To study the phenomenon of transmediality in an integral way: film/television/print, audiovisual and digital journalism/novel and short story/interactive documentary/novelization/games/blogs/social media/graphic novels/children’s literature/digital literature/microfictions/theater-spectacle-performance;
  • To systematize the theoretical and critical approach to the emerging phenomenon of transmedial narratives;
  • To contribute to a transmedial literacy of researchers, students and the general public, and to transfer the knowledge about these new formats to the business productive sector;
  • To identify and evaluate the general characteristics of the production and reception of transmedia narratives in the Spanish industry, with its inevitable intersections and overlaps with the international industry;
  • To provide a catalogue or map of platforms, companies, groups, organizations and research groups associated with the production, distribution and research with transmedial narratives (with focus on the distinction between independent research and corporate research).

UFP participants:

Prof. Rui Torres (Researcher)

Submitting entity:

University of Granada, Spain (IP1: Domingo Sánchez-Mesa Martínez; IP2: Jordi Alberich Pascual)

Project supported by:

Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación y Ministerio de Universidades, Spain (Ref. CSO2017-89657-P)