Arts and Poetries: Creation, Archive and Education

Goals of the project:

The project “Arts and Poetics: Creation, Archive and Education” starts from the various archives from contemporary museums, foundations and individuals that from the 70s have collected all kinds of documents related to the so-called experimental poetry. Given its characteristics there is a great dispersion of sources on the internet, and only a few academic research groups ( and that have catalogued this kind of poetry more or less systematically. There is also a project, SUMMA ( from Habitual Video Team (Barcelona), that has compiled live performances of poets from around the world (sonorous poetry and performative poetry) in Barcelona since 1990. In spite of these efforts, visual, sonorous and performative poetry continues being marginal not only to the interest of the artistic and literary critique, but also in the academia and mandatory education. Therefore, our project aims at responding to questions such as: what do people know about this kind of poetry situated in between art, music and literature?; what do students of teaching, philology, art history, and art know about it?; and what is disseminated and creatively developed in primary and secondary schools? Along with these questions about current knowledge on this kind of poetry, other questions that imply future actions arise: what role could the materials in these archives have in artistic creation both in universities and schools?

UFP participants:

Prof. Dr. Rui Torres (Researcher)

Submitting entity:

Universitat de Barcelona, Espanha (MR: Glòria Bordons de Porrata-Doria)

Project supported by:

Programa Estatal de Foment de la Investigació Científica i Tècnica d’Excel·lència. Subprograma Estatal de generació del coneixement. Modalitat Projectes d’R+D, Ministerio de Economia y Competitividad (Refª FFI2016-75844-P).

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