Ex Machina: Inscription and Literature

Goals of the project:

The project “Ex Machina: Inscription and Literature” analyzes literary forms, practices and processes as a system of technological and medial based inscriptions, theorizing the experience of literary meaning from its devices. Typing changed the relationship  of the hand with the writing, intensifying awareness of the alphabetic code in the processes of literary composition. The computer and the word processor accentuated the modifications introduced by the typewriter, encoding and programming the writing. The increased awareness of technical mediation in the processes of symbolic production, resulting from the generalization of digital reproductivity and telecommunication networks in the contemporary world, has made possible to denature previous communicative devices, such as the press and the book or the cinema and the photography, and give them a new perspective from the two machine modes of inscription of the word and of the real. The simulation and combinatory power of digital technology has increased forms of literary creation of metamedial and intermedial type. This project researches the link between analogical and digital technologies of inscription as systems of notation and the processes of literary invention. It is about analyzing and theorizing the digital and analogical processes of inscription, in a context of medial proliferation of writing practices.

UFP participants:

Prof. Dr. Rui Torres (Researcher)

Submitting entity:

Group “Mediação Digital e Materialidades da Literatura” (MR: Paulo Silva Pereira)

Project supported by:

Centro de Literatura Portuguesa (CLP), Unidade de I&D da Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Coimbra supported by Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia

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