Computer application for self-management of the person with chronic illness at home. At this moment, the module for cancer disease is under development.

With the present module, we intend to develop a computer application of monitoring and control of the management of the therapeutic regime in people undergoing chemotherapy or immunotherapy at home, using the platform of a smartphone in order to strengthen communication between patients and health professionals, to promote the support to the therapeutic instructions and to respond timely and proactively to the symptoms or complications that may arise associated with the disease, thus improving health and quality of life.

Main goal:

  • To monitor and support self-management of the disease and the therapeutic regimen of people with cancer on chemotherapy and immunotherapy.

Secondary goals:

  • To provide instructions for self-care in case of complications or side effects;
  • To improve people’s health perception and quality of life;
  • To encourage sharing of lived experiences through discussion groups or forums;
  • To use game as a strategy to improve the acceptance of therapeutic indications.

UFP participant:

Submitting entity:

  • Escola de Enfermagem do Porto


  • Escola Superior de Enfermagem do Porto (ESEP)
  • Associação de Enfermagem Oncológica Portuguesa (AEOP)
  • Centro de Computação Gráfica
  • Unidade Local de Saúde de Matosinhos