Measuring value in oncology

The main goal of health care is to achieve the most value for patients, achieving, at the same time, a better sustainability of the health system. The oncology is probably one of the medical disciplines in which the concept of value attains better its meaning.

Chronicity associated to many oncological diseases and the progress of medical technology have been contributing to the continuous challenge between quality and quantity of life that health professionals, patients and their families face. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the value associated with the provision of health care, which requires the definition of health gains.

The aim of the project is to assess the health gains obtained by patients undergoing a cancer treatment, particularly in two most prevalent areas : breast cancer and prostate cancer.

In this study participate University Fernando Pessoa, Instituto Português de Oncologia, Centro de Estudos e Investigação em Saúde of the University of Coimbra (CEISUC) and Associação para a Segurança dos Doentes (APASD).

UFP Participants:

Project supported by:

  • Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian (reference P-126019)