Mental health, health and family professionals

Mental health policy has undergone major changes over the last few years. The implementation of mental health projects and actions imply a broadening insight of the professionals working in this scenario, regarding the care and specificities of people with mental disorders, as well as of their families. This study has as research scenario two health regions of the city of São Paulo (Brazil) and one health region of the District of Porto (Portugal) aiming to diagnose, plan and implement measures to positively influence the attitudes towards the family and the person with mental illness.


  • To conduct a cross-cultural study on the overload of the Family or Caregiver with adult or elderly people with Mental Disorder;
  • To propose and conduct a cross-cultural study in Nursing care in the context of Mental Health;
  • To identify the attitudes of health professionals towards mental disorders;
  • To identify the importance of families in caring for the person with mental illness;
  • To identify the dynamic pleasure/mental suffering of nurses who work in health care in relation to the care of people with mental disorders and their families.

UFP oarticipant:


  • Escola de Enfermagem da Universidade de São Paulo