WaRe – Waterfront Regeneration

WaRe was a learning partnership that brings together international organizations involved in the evaluation of renewal of waterfronts projects of the 21st century.

This partnership created a platform for the exchange of experiences, knowledge, ideas and working methods, comparing various approaches, models and tools used in the reconstruction of urban waterfronts.

It aimed to identify the most useful methods to deal effectively with the revitalization areas of current or future waterfronts .

The WaRe gathered five European institutions.

The results of the project were published in a digital booklet entitled Blue Frontiers Comparing Urban Waterfront Redevelopment. Bratislava – Izola – Pärnu – Venice – Viana do Castelo and can be downloaded here for free.

UFP participants: 

  • Mr. Adriano Oliveira
  • Mr. Alberto Monteiro
  • Ms. Ana Félix
  • Mr. Anthony Ferreira
  • Mr. António Nunes
  • Mr. Elvis Silva
  • Mr. Fernando Flores
  • Mr. Filipe Almeida
  • Mr. Floriano Gomes
  • Mr. João Alves
  • Mr. João Martins
  • Mr. João Vale
  • Mr. José Carlos Pereira
  • Mr. José Costa
  • Mr. José Figueiredo
  • Mr. José Lima
  • Mr. José Teixeira
  • Mr. Madiwano Ramosi
  • Ms. Maria Joana Borges
  • Mr. Rogério Silva
  • Mr. Rui Lopo

For more information: http://mona.ee/english/ware

Reference: 2011-1-IT2-GRU06-25772