ERC grantees meet Helga Nowotny and Minister Profumo in Rome (25 – 26 June 2012)

All ERC grant holders based in Italy, or of Italian nationality, will gather in Rome for a networking event on 25-26

June, in the framework of the celebrations of the ERC’s 5th anniversary. This two-day event is organized by the Italian National Contact Point for the IDEAS Programme (APRE), in collaboration with both the Italian Ministry for University and Research and the ERC.

A highlight of the session will be a roundtable discussion on the ERC’s achievements in its first five years, open to the public, with input from Helga Nowotny, the ERC President; the Italian Minister for Research, Francesco Profumo, and the President of the National Research Council (CNR), Luigi Nicolais (25 June, pm). There will also be a presentation on the new ERC calls, a press conference with the main speakers and a training session on dissemination and communication of research results with national TV journalist Silvia Rosa-Brusin and other experts.

Start date: 25 June, 2012 – 14:30

End date: 26 June, 2012 – 16:30

Organiser: APRE (Agency for the Promotion of European Research)

Location: Piazzale Aldo Moro, 7, Roma

To register: Conference website

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